2016 Future Marketing Trends


As 2015 comes to an end we take a look back at key social media marketing changes and what we expect to see in 2016.

Brands are making the move to video and it's only going to get bigger. When video is done well it looks cool, grabs attention and helps to stand out from the crowd on social media. On average we watch 76 minutes of online video a day, it boosts email open rates and keeps visitors on your site for longer. The question is, can you afford to miss out?

Snapchat and Periscope
Two social networks often considered as peripheral in the marketing world, although still new to the social scene. We've seen more and more larger leading brand make the move to these platforms. In 2015 big brands exclusively launched new lines and collaborations through these channels. Snapchat and Periscope should be watched and taken seriously in 2016.

2015 saw Pinterest launch the 'buyable pin' feature, allowing people to buy products without ever leaving the app. With 87 percent of active Pinners using Pinterest to help them decide what to purchase creating an e-commerce function seems like the perfect way for the platform to evolve in the ever growing social media market.

Facebook launched their extended search feature this year which allows marketers to find more personalised, real-time content which users are engaging with. The new search results are organised to help cut through the noise and quickly understand what the world is saying about a topic in the moment, mirroring how we currently use Twitter.

Twitter has been moving towards being a shopping destination in 2015, adding e-commerce platforms and expanding its 'buy' button, with increased numbers of shopping-enabled tweets from major retailers. This is expected to continue growing as brands want the distance between social content and purchasing point to reduce dramatically.

User-Generated Content
This type of content has dominated social networks throughout 2015, with brands naturally very keen on the idea of users creating their content for them. The brightest brands are finding ingenious ways for this content to be created, such as competitions, hashtags and other interactive forms of engagement.

Real-Time Access
As seen with the success in 2015 for Snapchat, Twitter Moments and Periscope, users now want and expect their content as it is happening. To maintain and increase their social reach, it's imperative for brands to keep up with this poignant trend.

Social Influencers
Another rising trend in 2015 was that of the consumer looking to other consumers for buying advice, rather than the companies themselves. With the voices of these social influencers being vital to enhancing brand reputation, we'll see marketers increasing their influencer budget during 2016.

2016 will be more about targeting the right people at key moments of the buying journey.The shift from targeting keywords to targeting people and intent is getting increasingly precise and sophisticated thanks to new the data been made available from the vast array of tools.

Last click attribution won't disappear in 2016 but at Strawberry we're planning the long goodbye. We have to accept that more than one touch point is going to occur and giving those touch points credit has to happen. Start thinking about CPA targets by channel or platform and how much they 'assist' on the conversion.