5 Ways My Apprenticeship Made Me Who I Am Today


In my opinion, I think apprenticeships are the best and most direct route to a successful career. No matter what subject you choose; as long as you're passionate, hardworking and committed you will do well.

At school, I was always pushed to go to University by teachers and apprenticeship schemes were always seen as the 'less intelligent' option. I couldn't disagree more. In fact, I think it's the smartest and biggest decision any young person could make. It certainly changed my life.

From someone who has been there and done it. Here's my 5 reasons why I think apprenticeships are great.

Earn while you learn

Apprentices will have the same opportunities as employees, earning a wage and working alongside experienced staff. Yes the money isn't amazing and you can't go splash out on something expensive but everyone has to start somewhere! But that's not all, it teaches you to appreciate what your parents do for you and gives context to how expensive things are.

For example; I hated having to spend my money on necessary things like petrol. But now I don't see having to pay for petrol as a hinderous. I see it as a vehicle to my success - excuse the pun. I wouldn't be able to have the job I have without a car.

Get ahead

Experience is priceless. Many of my friends went to University and now they can't get jobs due to lack of experience. It's so competitive - the amount of times other candidates have got the job over my friends due to more experience is ridiculous. I never understood why experience was so important to an employer. But having worked at Strawberry for 3 and a half years you can really tell the difference between someone fresh out of University to someone with real experience. Either is wrong but people with experience are more confident. Fact. And people do business with people. So to an employer, having someone who is confident and knows a little about the market is much more valuable than someone with no practical knowledge and a degree.

Make valuable contacts

The expression 'it's not what you know but who you know that counts' is arguably never more true than in a business environment.

Embarking on an apprenticeship scheme not only exposes you to working with experienced staff members, but dealing with suppliers, distributors and resellers. The opportunity to talk and network with all different functions within a business expands your learning and gives you a more rounded approach when it comes to business. This point links to my earlier comment of "people do business with people". Making a name for yourself and not just the company you work for is very important to your future career. People get to know YOU as a person which enables you to build a trusting and lasting business relationship and add value to the company you're working for.

Financial independence

No debt! One of the best advantages of an apprentice scheme. It might only start small but when you're older and still paying off your student loan that £30 per month might be the difference to buying yourself a new dress! Well that's how I think anyway.

What you earn at the end of the day (minus national insurance and tax) is 100% YOURS! That first wage packet after a full month of working 9-5 is bloody amazing. The feeling of hard work paying off and having the complete freedom to buy what you want because YOU earned it!

Impress future employers

Being able to put real experience on your CV will arguably put you ahead of other graduates.

Recent research issued by the National Apprenticeship Service revealed that 44% of businesses in the UK are planning to take on apprentices in the coming 5 years. This is clearly an indication of the high regard in which they are held by the business world.

Nearly a third of respondents (32%) said being part of a scheme was fundamental to their strategy for expansion.

So there you go, apprentice's are in demand. So why wait?