Is the Insta-Apocalypse coming?


The update is supposedly going to make it harder to see posts from people you already follow and instead use data to find updates you might be interested in - much like the already existing magnifying glass button in the photo sharing app.

You've probably seen in the past few days Instagram users go into something of a meltdown over these suggested changes with #hatergram trending on other social channels and numerous posts telling you to turn on notifications to see their updates.

Yesterday Instagram tweeted a reassuring update to let their followers know "We're listening and we assure you nothing is changing with your feed right now. We promise to let you know when changes roll out more broadly."

We caught up with a number of Strawbs to find out what they think to the impending changes...

Courtney Wood
"Sigh, it's a bit of a shame. I love with Instagram that I can scroll down to the last thing I've seen and never miss anything from the accounts I'm connected to. If that changes to an algorithm similar to Facebook then I'll feel less in control of the content I'm seeing. Facebook's going down in my estimations in all honesty and that's definitely because of algorithm. Instead of Facebook showing me content from my friends and businesses I've chosen to connect with, my feed is now almost entirely filled with funny dog videos - I hope Instagram doesn't go down that same route."

Victoria Moore
"In all honesty, I think people are overreacting. I don't think we'll miss as much as people are saying, I just think these changes will encourage people to be more social with their social media. The only thing I'll miss is the chronological layout, I enjoy finishing my work day and catching up with Instagram and knowing where to stop. The updates begging me to turn on my notifications are winding me up, I don't mind missing a food pic or a photo of a cat if it means that my phone battery won't instantly die."

Elliot Mann
"I'm not a big fan of Facebook, so to see Instagram become a 'micro-facebook', sucks. But turns out there's nothing we can do about it, it's how social media works. Your cries will be ignored, it's about ads, and everyone has to monetise something, right? Even Facebook, that multi-billion dollar social network!
As a side note, don't fall for the notifications trap, the change isn't happening for a long time, who even knows if that feature will still exist, and notifications are ugly and annoying, why would you want to inundate yourself with them?"

Richard Madden
"I think it's an interesting time for Instagram and has certainly made me look at how I use the app as a whole. The "switch on notifications" posts that I kept seeing over the weekend actually made me look at whether I valued that account's content, and made me question whether I want to continue following them. As a result, my list has been drastically cut and, if anything, I'm going to be more selective with the accounts I do follow in the future. I can't help but think worries about the changing timeline are a bit over the top. If you look at Facebook, the default is the algorithm view but it's easy to switch to a chronological timeline and I'd expect Instagram to do the same."

Lauren Ward
"As an avid user of Instagram, I'm not keen on the idea of changing what I feel is pretty damn good already. I really enjoy seeing photos from everyone I follow as and when they post – otherwise why would I follow? Has my friend really eaten at an amazing restaurant if I'm not seeing her post it 2m ago?
Seeing an influx of "Turn on notifications to keep seeing my posts!" over the weekend definitely made my mind up; I won't be subscribing to push notifications (draining my battery even more) for anyone! Those are reserved for my best girls and my mum! I'll stick with Instagram for now, but I feel going down the same road as Facebook will only put people off. I mean, how are us mere nobodies ever going to be top of anyone's feed?"