It’s time to think outside the box...

IG Takeover

Last month Instagram announced to the world that in addition to the square picture posts you can now upload photos and videos in both landscape and portrait.

The move away from the standardised square pictures is due to the massive figure that 1 in 5 users aren't posting in the square format and are editing their photos in external apps.

The apps update now means that friends aren't awkwardly cropped from group pics and videos can appear more cinematic, but what do the design and digital experts at Strawberry HQ think to the new picture orientations?

Lauren Ward, Account Executive:

"Tried it but didn't really like it because the photos are all still cropped to a square on your profile anyway."

Elliot Mann, Designer:

"I love the new portrait option. I'm not as big on landscape but still think it's a great step forward, it eradicated the need for people to edit their own pictures and leave horrible white space lingering around."

Courtney Wood, Digital Marketing Executive:

"I'm not a fan. I like how neat the squares look and the consistency of the same height pictures as I stroll down my Instagram feed. Although, it is annoying sometimes trying to get a landscape photo to fit in a square frame…"

Richard Madden, Digital Marketing Executive:

"Most of images in my news feed continue to be square-shaped so I'm not sure I see the point in allowing different sized images. Personally, I think developing better editing tools and filters to make the images look nicer would be more useful for the majority of Instagram users."

With strong opinions like these we opened up the question to the entire studio and the results are in…


Overall the Strawb team are a laid back and indecisive bunch with a small number of strong and punchy opinions from the Instagram-obsessed crew.

So, what do you think to the changes? Do you think that Instagram are heading towards a Pinterest layout? What's their next move?