Video: Yorkshire Dales Food and Drink Festival


We didn't want the Yorkshire Dales Food and Drink Festival to have a typical promotional video and, because it's a first time event, we knew we'd have to create some totally new assets or face using stock footage which simply wouldn't work. We talked the project through at length both within the Strawberry team and with the client, eventually deciding that an animation would really stand out from the crowd.

James Martin and The Hairy Bikers are the stars of the show but getting them involved was always going to be tricky given their busy schedules. But we needed to reflect the celebrity involvement so we decided to show them on their 'journey' to the event which meant we were also able to have a bit of fun with it and reflect the great branding that had been created by our designers.

Keeping the video to a maximum of 30 seconds was important too and this stayed at the forefront of our minds when putting together the storyboard and voiceover. By limiting the duration, we've been able to embed the final version into platforms like Twitter and ensure that any viewer will get the key facts without being bored silly. In the month since it launched, we've had more than 17,500 views making it one of our most successful Strawberry videos ever.