When social campaigns go wrong



Walkers headed to social media to give away Champions League tickets, to enter their followers simply had to send in selfies on Twitter to feature in their #WalkersWave.

These tweets then were turned into a video featuring, the face of the brand, Gary Lineker holding a framed picture of the entrant in front of the background of a stadium saying "Thanks for joining the Walkers Wave and celebrating the UEFA Champions League final."

Lineker looks at the portrait of the "entrant" before turning to the camera, and saying: "Nice selfie".

Sounds innocent,right? Well, let's take a look at a few of the entries…


Dorothy Perkins - #LoveDP

Who doesn't love a good hashtag fail? This year Dorothy Perkins are leading the way for the most misjudged hashtag with #LoveDP.

Now, for many of you this hashtag may appear innocent, but if you Google the abbreviation DP you may be shocked (let's just say, don't Google this one at work).

*Always research your hashtags.


President Trump - #Covfefe

Back in May President Trump nearly broke the internet with his baffling tweet "Despite the constant negative press covfefe".

The President seemingly headed off to bed after posting the cryptic message which in turn left the world gripped on the true meaning of covfefe.

#Covefefe quickly went viral as the Twitter population tweeted their thoughts on the meaning of the word.

Here's a few of our favourites:


Dove - limited edition body shape bottles

The brand aimed to show that the female form comes in all shapes and sizes, but unfortunately this message fell flat when the campaign was ripped apart on social media.

This limited-edition run of six different body wash bottles was supposed to show the diversity of a woman's body by providing curvy, petite, and pear shaped containers. Unfortunately for the brand, the supposedly body-confident campaign caused an uproar on Twitter with users describing the campaign as "ridiculous". Dove's new slogan should be "making people self-conscious, one bottle at a time",' one person tweeted.


Adidas - Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon!

Adidas sent an email and posted a tweet praising runners who had "survived" the 2017 Boston Marathon.

At the same event in 2013, three people were killed and 260 injured when two bombs exploded near the finish line. Now, how can a brand as huge as Adidas not make the connection to the 2013 tragedy?