Developing a brand

At the centre of the new identity is the Attiro logotype. Always used with confidence, authority and integrity.

The identity uses two customised typefaces, conveying the prestige and aspirational nature of the product. Validated by the Kingspan brand mark of quality.

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A responsive experience

The new responsive website has been designed to inform and promote the Attiro product. We designed a form to help potential customers request a sample box, in turn encouraging them to get in touch and start the sales process.

Regularly updated with industry news and case studies, this content helps potential clients understand the value of Attiro's services and products.

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In print

After establishing our brand in the digital domain we began the process of developing our visual style across printed materials.

Through a process of iteration, we developed a simple, clean style with an emphasis on irregular type formation and form. Working on tone of voice for a collection of visual materials to bring the prestige and character of Attiro to life.

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