Planning the customer journey

From the homepage leading through to the landing pages, to the developments linking to the house types, we added clear calls to action to capture relevant data. And we put in place a customer journey that would help users find the information they need as quickly and easily as possible.

We found that 50% of new visitors landed on a development page rather than the homepage. As a result, the customer journey needed to start at the developments pages as well as the homepage. Our new development landing pages ensure the visitor has the information they need in just one click.

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Demographic targeting

The new site lets Beal show tailored content to different age demographics. Whether you're a first time buyer, a new family or you're downsizing, the digital marketing was focused to deliver relevant content to you.

Social media has now become the third biggest referrer of site traffic. Remarketing also ensures visitors see relevant adverts depending on the development they're looking at.


Fully responsive

With 60% of visitors using a mobile or tablet device, it was vital that the website looked great on any device. With the site maps and 360 plans are now in HTML5, users can view developments and new homes on any mobile device. Remarketing visitors is now also cross device, ensuring that when visitors are on the web, on any device they get the same Beal experience.

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Instant updates

We created a bespoke system that connects to the client's servers and keeps up to the minute house price and status information. So when Beal Homes sell a property, the website is updated instantly.

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Data-driven decisions

We worked with the client to ensure they had the data they needed to help drive their business forward. With real time analytics dashboards, custom reports and advanced tracking, the website is now performing how they want, and allows them to react quickly and get instant feedback.


The blog

The Beal Homes blog is now within the site instead of on a subdomain, and is home to a host of different content. Videos, infographics, animated .gifs and case studies allow Beal to show potential home buyers why its homes have the 'Beal difference'.



Since launching its new website, Beal has seen social traffic YoY rise by 1,100%, and organic traffic YoY is up by 30%. Bounce rates have also dropped by 15%. While pages per visit have risen by 20%, and the time users spend on the site has increased by 20%.