Creating a more modern image

Beverley Racecourse has been part of Beverley's culture for over 300 years. Our client wanted to create something that was modern and reflected the evolution of the course into a more versatile venue and a place of entertainment for the whole region as well as the racing enthusiasts.

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  • 1200x750-beverley-racecourse-block-12

Taking a fresh approach

The brand came to life with the introduction of our abstract 'winning post-inspired' identity and a new suite of bright colours. We wanted to capture the 'thrill of the races', and leave a feeling of being up close and involved in the action.

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Driving footfall

We created a style for each key event in Beverley Racecourse's calendar. The events are aimed at different audiences, but each one shares the same idea of promoting the races as fun and accessible to everyone.

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