Refining the brand

Rather than starting with a blank canvas, we wanted to refresh Hugh Rice's branding in line with its personality: a local, trusted, family-run jewellers well-known for its friendly and personal service. We started with their existing identity, personalised it and added a custom monogram to support.

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  • 800x600-hugh-rice-brand-1
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  • 800x600-hugh-rice-brand-4

Connecting with the customer

Hugh Rice needs to attract but also engage its customers. We created a new fashion-inspired pattern with a vibrant colour palette for impact. Supporting this, a friendly tone of voice for the many touchpoints in the Hugh Rice experience in store and online.

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  • 800x600-hugh-rice-brand-6-billboard
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Supporting the brand with a new online experience

We created a new responsive website that aims to be as close as possible to Hugh Rice's in-store customer experience.

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