Improving the customer experience

Hugh Rice was successfully selling online on our ecommerce platform. But the volume of traffic on the site from smartphones and tablets meant the site was leaving revenue behind.

Aside from making the site perform brilliantly for touch on handheld devices, we redesigned the menus and product landing pages. These were instantly a hit – more people are viewing products than ever before.

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Going responsive

With mobile traffic to its website growing, Hugh Rice needed its site to be a fantastic experience for all customers to use regardless of the device being used. The site now sees 68% of its traffic come from tablet and smartphone devices, and with an optimised experience Hugh Rice has seen sales from these devices rocket.

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Creating a new checkout experience

Hugh Rice's basket checkout process was engineered from scratch with speed and simplicity in mind. We also had to factor in touch devices and how tricky checking out on some sites via a smartphone can be. The process is now all on one page and features a guest checkout, which makes it easy for first time Hugh Rice customers to buy online.

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