Our initial task was to create an identity based on the pre-defined 'Tuvi' name. Being for the online market, we adopted a brighter, bolder style which lent itself to web and high resolutions screens. The use of Akidenz Grotesk gave the identity strength and authority. Experimenting with the common visual indicators of logistics (e.g. arrows, boxes) we derived a mark to live alongside the type.

We created a custom typeface to work as the logotype, this gave the logo a unique, personal feel. We felt this reflected the key selling point of Tuvi's brand.

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  • Tuvi-800-600
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After speaking to the client we knew the scale of the site would be minimal, and the overall theme was to be personal, friendly but also straight to the point. Working alongside our copywriter we stripped back the core messages to the bare minimum. This allowed the copy to work with iconography to create visual references to key messaging.

The icons used throughout the site were created to not only bolster the copy, but to also set a style which we could relate to the online marketplace. Bold typography and electrifying colours created a strong visual presence which with an intimate, friendly tone of voice, sets Tuvi apart from the competition.

  • Tuvi-800-600-17
  • Tuvi-800-600-16


Where technical jargon and acronyms dominated, we created a set of icons to live across the site for situations where images can speak louder than words.

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  • Tuvi-800-600-12