Variety is the (chip) spice of life!

Variety is the (chip) spice of life!

Author: Matt Barratt — Read time: 2 mins

We like to think we’re a creative bunch. We also love a challenge.

The Drum’s Chip Shop Awards seemed like a great one to sink our teeth into. So we opened this up to the agency, and got 14 keen hands up all itching to take part.

Now, where to start?

We all got together and came up with some initial ideas. Some promising, some not so.

But we decided to sit on what we had for a couple days and come back to refine them.

Getting back to it we quickly saw the ideas that had instant potential, and the ones that needed more time to flesh out.

We didn’t want to spend too much time on the ideas (we had too many!). Our thinking was if you didn’t get it instantly, the idea had failed or it wasn’t as clever as we first thought.

Now it was time was to pick up our crayons and colour inside the lines. A designer’s instinct is to create something to the best of her ability. But not in this case…

We all agreed design wasn’t really important. It was all about the idea.

So 14 submissions later, we put all the entries together, anonymously voted for our favourites and entered the winning three into the Chip Shop Awards 2017.

We’ll keep you posted if we win!

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