Simple guide to Facebook advertising

Simple guide to Facebook advertising

Author: Dominic Lidgett — Read time: 3 mins

Facebook advertising is a fantastic tool. It makes reaching your target audience ridiculously simple. The best part? It offers great value for money. If you’ve not used it before, you’ll want to give it a whirl.

First off, you decide what you want your Facebook advert to do. You can choose from all sorts of objectives, like sending people to your website, boosting your marketing messages, growing your Facebook audience, getting installs of your app, increasing your video views and much more.

Once you’ve established your aim, it’s time to select your audience. There are lots of different options to pick from and your selections have to be targeted enough to make your adverts convert, but open enough so your advert reach isn’t too limited. There’s a handy gauge on the right hand side in the ad manager that will help you with this.

The different ways you can select your audience include age, gender, location, income, interests, online behaviours, residential status, relationship status … the list goes on, but you get the picture, there’s loads. Have a dig around yourself, try be clever with your selections and (excuse the predictable saying) think outside the box.

Once you’ve got your audience figured out, you’ll need to decide how much budget you want to put behind your ad. Obviously, the more you put into Facebook advertising, the more you get out of it. You can set a lifetime budget where you pick a date and it’ll spend your budget up until that point, or a daily budget which does what it says on the tin. Start off with a small budget to test the waters, then when you’re feeling more confident, boost it up.

Now the analytical bits over, it’s time to get creative. Make sure your advert is visually appealing. How your advert looks could determine whether or not your targets will convert. It has to grab their attention with a clear call to action — getting this right is essential for a good return on investment.

On your adverts, your text should be easy to understand, spelt correctly, concise and interesting to your targets. You can use images or videos on your adverts — the more text used on these, the less reach Facebook will give you, so try and keep the text on them to a minimum.

The final part is choosing where you want your advert to appear—the options are desktop news feed, mobile news feed, third party, instagram and right hand side. Pick from as many as you like, I do tend to steer clear from the right hand side adverts though… who even looks there?

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