We got GOLD at the CIPR Awards!

We got GOLD at the CIPR Awards!

Author: Alice MacLaverty — Read time: 2 mins

In case you haven’t already heard, we were recently awarded first place in the Healthcare category at the CIPR PRide Awards for our ‘Remarkable people. Extraordinary place.” campaign for the NHS HEY Trust. Winners were selected by a team of leading industry experts at the glittering UK-wide CIPR award ceremonies — a major calendar highlight for all involved.

The leading regional PR awards recognise outstanding work delivered to clients and employers across the UK, marking winners as industry leaders in their area, boosting team morale and demonstrating the value of PR to the wider business world.

After the NHS HEY Trust approached us last year with a brief to recruit and retain more staff, we created a thought-provoking campaign which saved the NHS £1.8M in recruitment fees, saw a unprecedented increase of graduate sign-ups by 128% and created 270 new jobs; whilst also driving 7,290 website visits through social media.

It was these results, achieved with a strategic PR plan, the use of several different marketing channels and a strong sense of personality which led the CIPR to comment that “The judges thought this campaign was really good: clever and heart warming — but importantly, effective. It’s clear it’s made a huge difference to the Trust and to the city of Hull, and this difference is well evidenced by increased numbers of recruits, and an evidenced boost to morale. The NHS should roll it out nationally!”

We believe that the magic came from capturing the honesty of the day-to-day roles of the NHS and the lives of the people behind them. We made something tangible of what inspires the dedicated staff of the Trust, linking it back to our City of Culture. The campaign captured the essence, personality and distinctive sense of place that exists in Hull by tapping into the everyday authenticity of its people, all through a strategic plan.

Learn more about the ‘Remarkable people. Extraordinary place.’ campaign here.