9 simple social media hacks

9 simple social media hacks

Author: Alice MacLaverty — Read time: 5 mins

With social media platforms changing their features regularly (even more than our Analyst James changes his socks), we thought we’d share a list of simple ways to keep your social media accounts looking professional and performing well:

1 Add extra links to your Instagram bio

A massive bugbear for our marketing team is that you can’t include links in Instagram updates, so you have to include ‘link in bio’ in the copy of each post.

As a result, you have to direct visitors (usually) to your homepage every time, and it’s up to them to find the product / blog post etc. that you’re referring to. Or, you constantly have to be changing the link in your bio… pain in the back side, right? Find out how to get multiple links here.

2. Use Facebook tabs

You’ll have all seen the standard Facebook tabs such as ‘About’ and ‘Photos’, but does your page have any custom tabs?

Providing visitors to your Facebook page with a richer user experience, customised tabs load through your web server using an iframe and can be a great way to display more relevant information. Learn how to create custom Facebook tabs here.

3. Shorten and customise links

Seeing a social update with a ridiculously long URL sends shivers down our spines!

According to Bitly, branded and customized links can get 34% more clicks. It takes 2 seconds to shorten and customise your link, so head over to Bitly to start tailoring your links and increasing engagement today.

4. Include an image / video with every social update

This is a simple one! Studies have shown that making posts more visual helps to increase engagement, and also makes it immediately obvious what the update is about.

Take a minute to think about how you use social media. When you’re scrolling through your news feed, it’s not the text that initially captures your attention, it’s usually a video of an adorable puppy or snaps from your mates’ weekend antics which stops you in your tracks.

5. Try using video for your cover photo on Facebook

Instead of trying to show your brand off using an 851 x 315 cover photo graphic, why not use a video instead?

You’ll be able to say a lot more about your company and create a more professional look. Introduced last year, this feature is certainly one to try if you haven’t already - find out more here.

6. Complete the bio on your social accounts

Your bio is a place where people will form their first opinion of you, judge your authenticity and (hopefully!) buy into your brand.

To win your potential customers over, you’ll need to get across what your business does, how a customer can find you, convey your company’s personality and include a clear call to action.

7. Collect customer reviews

Reviews from your customers are vital - they help you to understand your customers better, create consumer loyalty and ultimately attract more business.

If you’re telling somebody how amazing your new product is, only a handful of people will believe you. However, if somebody else is expressing their love for your new product, more people will listen.

Reviews show that you’re genuine, meaning people will be more likely to use your company. Many review websites such as TripAdvisor offer a Facebook integration app, making your TripAdvisor reviews more visual and accessible.

Don’t forget to make sure your review section on Facebook is turned on and start asking your customers to leave their comments and a rating today to help build up your reputation.

8. Make your profile picture easy to view when it reduces down small

It’s important to design a nice logo for your social accounts which looks great on your Facebook page, but don’t forget to think about how it might appear when sized down!

You’ll see a smaller size profile picture in the news feed and on any comments, so it’s important to make your brand as easily visible as possible. Our tip is to try to use an icon / emblem of your logo rather than the full word if it’s fairly long. Check out how we’ve done this here.

9. Invite people who’ve liked your content to like your page

Running a competition on your Facebook post can often result in lots of likes on the post, especially when the post is boosted! Make the most of this by inviting everyone who liked the post to like your Facebook page as well - that way, they’ll see your future marketing messages rather than just the competition they entered.

Not sure how to do this? Click on the ‘2,000 people like this’ part of your competition post to bring up a list of those people. Then, manually click ‘Invite’ on each of them. After that, sit back, relax and watch the page likes roll in.

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