Shopify Unite 2018 — Live Blog

Shopify Unite 2018 — Live Blog

Author: James Greenwood — Read time: 7 mins

The Strawberry Team live blogged their thoughts on Unite 2018 — this is as it happened…

The countdown is on

…everyone is in our Black Room, waiting for Tobi to take to the stage.

…and we’re off

Tobi has gone Yorkshire for the keynote.

More not fewer

Multi-language launching this year

Hat Tip: @craigmillr
Hat Tip: @craigmillr

Video released by the official Shopify account

Online going off

AR experience for fashion — wifi gone down so resorting to video!

Physical Retail Space launched

More ‘in the fall’. That’s Autumn, folks ;)

Multi-channel Retail

Thought on the Marketing section — wonder how “Enterprise” it is?

Going global

Time for a video!

Head of UX, Lynsey Thornton on stage

Hire Kit and go Ping

More on languages now

Still going…

Next up, Harley Finkelstein, COO

Shopify’s Harley Finkelstein stops short of saying “Amazon” but forcefully says Shopify philosophically believes that commerce is better with a vibrant ecosystem of players, not just a few big ‘uns.

We’re off for a beer and to go through all this again — currency changes and Ping are the biggies. Thanks for reading!

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