Blog - Rice, Pad Thai and two portions of Shopify Plus

Rice, Pad Thai and two portions of Shopify Plus

Author: Alice Jones — Read time: 4 mins

Global restaurant delivery service, Deliveroo, were looking for a Shopify Partner to help them streamline their rider kit and packaging stores. How did we get the job? It all started with one late-night phone call…


James Greenwood (JG), Strawberry, Shopify Plus Partner, Hull: “Hello?”

Wez (W), Shopify Toronto, Canada: “James, I know it’s late but have you got two minutes?”

JG: “Yeah sure, fire away.”

W: “You’re not drunk, are you?”

JG: “No, no, I’ve just put the kids to bed. What’s up?”

W: “Well, Deliveroo have been in touch about upgrading their stores…”

JG: “OK…”

W: “…and they’re looking for a Shopify Partner in the UK to help them do it.”

JG: “Right…”

W: “Will you go and see them?”

JG: “Yeah, sure. What’s their address?”

Pizza, Chips, Rice, Lime…

If you squint, you’d think Deliveroo’s UK offices were in Silicon Valley. It’s the type of place you can easily get lost in trying finding your way to the toilets. If you’re Liam, our Head of Digital, that is…

All their meeting rooms are named after food—of course they are—and each one has its own quirks. We’re in Lime, the receptionist tells us. We walk in and there are no chairs as such, just 1970s style wicker swings hanging from the ceiling. We spend the next hour or so attempting to make serious business points to the rider kit team, while trying not to swing.

Always on the move

Deliveroo work in 13 territories—UK, Australia, Singapore and most of the EU—all with slightly different ways of doing things. They had three rider kit stores in the UK: UK delivery, London delivery and London pickup, each with their own systems and processes. These stores distributed bags, high vis, health and safety clothing, and food safety equipment to their riders.

With the company growing at such a rate of knots, it got to a point where the limitations of these stores made it difficult to manage. (To give you an idea, in their busiest week last year (2017) they onboarded 4,000 UK riders alone.) So they needed someone to unpick what they had, upgrade their platform, and streamline their processes. That meant a big tune-up.

Upgrading to Plus

By moving them to Shopify Plus, and sweating their processes, we got their three UK rider kit stores down to one. So whether you’re a rider living in London looking to pick up your kit, or you live the other end of the country and want your kit delivered, there’s one place for all. Now every piece of kit that goes out to Deliveroo’s 15,000 UK riders goes through one store. A smoother ride for both sides.

When it came to the packaging store, it was a case of round two. Of course, the packaging team had their own set of goals and processes. But nothing that couldn’t be solved with a much-needed Plus upgrade, a tune-up of their themes and customisations, and stabilising their processes.

Now Deliveroo has 14 countries on Shopify Plus: 13 for their rider kit, and 1 for packaging. And because their processes are adaptable, they can be rolled out to other countries as they continue to grow around the world.

The creative bit

The rider kit stores needed to be a touch more personal to help onboard new riders. The sign up and login page is now a welcoming holding page for new and current riders. Everything they’d normally find out face to face is now easy to find online—from how to get started, to perks of the job, to the returns process. And we made it so you only ever see the products you need, whether you’re a cyclist, biker or driver.

While work on the Shopify stores was well underway, Deliveroo was also going through a rebrand. Over a course of 6 to 8 weeks, our creative team worked with theirs to sign off digital versions of Deliveroo’s new branding assets, ready for the launch of the rider kit and packaging sites.

W?: “So, how did it go?”

JG: “Yeah, pretty good… What’s next, then?”

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