7 ways to optimise your conversion rate

7 ways to optimise your conversion rate

Author: Dominic Lidgett — Read time: 4 mins

Chasing a greater ROI?

Perhaps first, you should focus on optimising your conversion rate.

“What the hell does that mean?!” I hear you ask…

This intriguing little digi term is the way in which your conversion rate (the number of conversions compared to sessions on your site) can be increased. By ‘optimising your conversion rate’, you’re basically getting more of what you want, whether that be more customers, subscriptions or user accounts.

We know this eCommerce tech talk can sometimes seem like a dark art, so here we’ve run through 7 simple ways you can boost your conversions:

Make your call-to-action clear

This is the button you’re essentially trying to optimise, so make sure you don’t hide it! Make it stand out and easy to find, because after all, this is the one your visitors must click in order to convert.

The call-to-action button should be simple, direct and easily visible, but should also be integrated well within the design of the page.

Impress with your visuals

When selling online, your customers can’t feel or try your products like they would in a high street store. So, how do you overcome this?

This is where top-notch, impressive visuals come into play. Wow your visitors with a variety of visual forms that communicate the qualities of your products and brand. Think lifestyle imagery, video, GIFs and engaging graphics - these can all help to improve the performance of your site.

Validate your quality with reviews and social media

Word of mouth referrals are worth their weight in gold. They can really help to give consumers the confidence to purchase online, especially if they’re shopping on an unfamiliar website with no prior experience of your company.

Think social media reviews, customer testimonials, product star ratings - these can all help to convert. It can take time to obtain and collate reviews from customers, so make them easily accessible and visible on your product pages to ensure they work hard for you.

Also, start thinking about how you can obtain reviews as part of your social media strategy. Free samples, competitions and asking your customers for reviews after they’ve received their purchase are all worth investigating.

Get straight to the point with your product summary

Call in the content writers to make your product descriptions are short and sexy. The key to optimising your product descriptions, in particular for sales conversion targets, is to lead with copy that doesn’t leave the customer wondering. Hit them with glanceable information that addresses their motivations for buying the product, while staying true to the brand’s tone of voice.

Upsell and cross-sell your other products

Just because you have a specific product page, it doesn’t mean you have to limit it to just that one product. Upsell and cross-sell by highlighting related products to tempt people’s urges and indulgences even further. The key to this strategy succeeding, is to ensure all related products are relevant and tailored to the individual.

If the customer has an account with you, tap into their previous purchases to determine their favourite products that are more likely to convert.

Email sign-ups can help, even when you’re out of stock

If one of your products is out of stock, no sweat. Pull in a sign-up form asking if they’d like to be updated when the product is back in stock. This way, you don’t miss out completely from having a low inventory. You can also hook them up with your email newsletters targeting future sales opportunities (providing they consent).

Link up your live chat on key pages

Provide a helping hand to your customers when they’re close to the point of sale. FAQs are important to your website, but live chat provides an alternative that’s quick, easily accessible and provides answers fast.

Stop potential customers from clicking the unwanted ‘back’ button to get the answers they need by dealing with their query directly on the right page. This is a way to improve customer satisfaction and can also block barriers that may be stalling conversions.

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