New starter alert! Say hello to Connor Gamble

New starter alert! Say hello to Connor Gamble

Author: Connor Gamble — Read time: 3 mins

We have a new friendly face around the office! Connor is joining us for 3 months to help us with our own CRM project but with one eye on taking it to clients too. He’ll be reviewing all of our systems, our data and making sure the processes connecting them are bulletproof.

We grilled him on the all-important questions…

Tell us a bit about your background.

I’m originally from the area but I’ve just finished Uni in Leeds studying International Business. I did a year in Germany working with Adidas before my final year, and spent many a day in the library!

My original passions were for history and travel, but I decided I wasn’t quite cut out to be a historian and that doing a business degree was probably a better way of getting to see the world.

What are your first impressions of Strawberry?

The office is great and has a really chilled-out vibe which I’m a big fan of. You can tell the space has been made with creativity in mind and it’s a genuinely nice place to be. Everyone I’ve spoken to so far has been really helpful and made me feel welcome.

The communication around the place is great too, whether it be letting people know about deals that have been made with clients or just interesting topics!

What drew you to your job / this industry?

An interest I developed during my degree and previous experience was the way people interact with one another within organisations, and the tools and practices they use to do their job.

My role at Strawberry is to reduce time spent on the arbitrary tasks - increasing the value from the tools we use and hopefully making everybody’s job a little bit easier. This will free Strawberries up to focus on the more important things; interacting with clients and one another, and working on client projects.

This industry is an exciting one as there are always new projects and developments cropping up, as opposed to the repetitive day-to-day you see in some other industries.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

From a young age I’ve always been passionate about football. I’d be constantly playing around the house and every given opportunity when I was outside. Unfortunately, this passion one time went a step too far to the detriment of the nursery hamster.

The poor thing had just been let out of its cage and into its hamster ball, cue 4 year-old me deciding this meant it was a good idea to shoot the ball with the hamster in into the imaginary goal at the end of the room. I still feel bad about the incident to this day :(

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