Boost your business with Shopify Gift Cards

Boost your business with Shopify Gift Cards

Author: Dominic Lidgett — Read time: 3 mins

Who doesn’t love a free gift? If you’re not issuing and accepting gift cards within your business, you might well be hindering your long-term success.

Gift cards offer a versatility that allows your customers to buy from your store without stress. This gives the online customer an option to purchase something that isn’t wasteful, while making your Shopify store ‘gift-giver friendly’.

The gift of choice

Users can specify gift card values as they please. Whether you opt for £10 or £100, tap in the recipient’s details, and send away. Simples!

Gift card receivers can then purchase from your store, redeeming the card’s value by simply entering its unique code upon checkout.

Setting it up

Gift cards are available on all professional and unlimited Shopify plans (and not the basic). Got a retail package? Even better! This means you’ll get the full retail store experience available for iPads.

Benefits to you and your customer

Gift cards are a present-buyer’s favourite. They’re instant, readily available for those last-minute gift-givers, and offer a pressure-free alternative to selecting specific gifts for those hard-to-buy-for folk!

Better still, when the gift card receiver goes to redeem their gift card, they’re often tempted to spend more than its value. And so, not only will you be creating a better user experience, but often you’ll be increasing the likelihood of higher sales for your brand. It really is a win-win situation. With Christmas creeping up, digital gift cards are also a great way to boost sales around seasonal periods.

When using gift cards, many Shopify stores see a decrease in exchanges and returns. We all know how difficult it can be to pick out the right item for someone - and then there’s the size, oh, and in which colour?! Giving the recipient the freedom of those choices means the item’s less likely to get returned. And since returns and exchanges can be both costly and time-consuming, the more you can cut down, the better.


Although the gift card feature might require you to invest in the Shopify plan or higher, you’re likely to see a significant ROI from consumers purchasing more, and spending more time browsing your site. Plus, you gain more than just a gift card feature from investing into these plans. Advanced reporting tools allow you to monitor the actions of your consumers, and see for yourself what results you’re getting from the gift card sales.

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