Blog - Bringing out the best in Bessie

Bringing out the best in Bessie

Author: Alice Jones — Read time: 4 mins

Aunt Bessie’s, one of the best-loved names in frozen food, asked us to redesign and rewrite their website. And in the process, let the world know that they’re so much more than Yorkshire puddings. Now more than ever, they help you get the best out of any meal, any day of the week.

A national treasure

We’re all familiar with Aunt Bessie’s and their delicious, easy-bake Yorkshire puddings. In this fast-paced, convenience-craving modern day society, they’re famous for helping even the most hopeless of cooks whip up a roast dinner to rival their grandma’s - and in no time at all.

But their products are far too good to keep just for your Sunday dinner. If you haven’t created the ultimate canapé by filling a Mini Yorkshire Pudding with roast beef and black pepper mayo, or swapped out your tortilla wrap with a Giant Yorkshire Pud, you’re missing a trick.

Our challenge was to maintain the traditional look and feel of the Aunt Bessie’s brand, whilst updating the brand with a digital eye.

Putting on their Sunday best

We started off by holding workshops with the Aunt Bessie’s team to learn the history of Aunt Bessie’s and the journey of the brand. This also helped us to understand the brand strategy; enabling us to structure the product inventory so that customers can find the products they’re looking for more easily online.

We also shadowed the Aunt Bessie’s Customer Service Manager, Sue, and listened into calls to establish how the brand talks to customers. Once we had a good handle on the tone of voice, keyword research was conducted to identify what related terms people were searching for.

After an in-depth SEO analysis, we discovered some hidden gems that could help boost Aunt Bessie’s up the search rankings for various search terms. We rewrote the product descriptions with SEO in mind to enable customers to find our products more easily and so that they could clearly see the main selling points of Aunt Bessie’s products.

Whilst we were designing and building their new website, Aunt Bessie’s were going through a campaign styling - ‘Bring out the Bessie in you’. To ensure the tone and copy of the new website was consistent with this, we worked closely with Aunt Bessie’s and other agencies to create a cohesive feel.

The proof’s in the (Yorkshire) pudding

The end result is a delicious-looking website with large imagery to show off the ranges and a homely, down-to-Earth tone of voice to instil the Aunt Bessie’s personality.

Our aim was not just to create a brochure site to house all the products, but to encourage a consumer journey that explores the ranges as a whole and provides meal inspiration along the way. Visitors can either search products by category (e.g. ‘Yorkshire Puddings’, ‘Chips & Fries’), or can browse meal inspiration - from ‘Summer Meal Ideas’ to ‘Party Food’.

As website users often skim information to find the bits which are important to them, we created a suite of illustrated icons to demonstrate which products are gluten-free, sustainably sourced etc. We also gave users the option to view nutritional information on request, to reduce scrolling on mobile.

And we’re not stopping there. Within two weeks after launch, and after a quick debrief over a few gin and tonics at the Humber Street Gin Distillery, we’re back in the boardroom to brainstorm what’s coming next…

Take a look at the case study here.