Lessons from CommsCon: LADbible’s tips for great social content

Lessons from CommsCon: LADbible’s tips for great social content

Author: Alice MacLaverty — Read time: 3 mins

One of our favourite talks at CommsCon18 was delivered by LADbible’s Head of Comms, Peter Heneghan, who shared some great case studies and insight into the company’s social media strategy.

It’s hard to remember a time when our social feeds weren’t dominated with amusing videos and shareable-content from LADBible, but it’s actually only been around for six years.

Since being set up by two guys, straight from university, LADBible’s quickly become the world’s largest social publisher, with over 1 in 2 millenials (both male and female) following them on social media. Their influence is immense, and they’re using it for social good by raising awareness of the issues that concern young people, primarily: mental health; politics; and the environment.

Gone are the days of their misogynistic, masculine content. LADbible looked at their data, researched what their audiences wanted and evolved to create content their community could relate to.

A great example of how they did this in practice is their Trash Isles campaign. It’s simply brilliant.

Launched in 2017 to raise awareness of the world’s plastic waste problem, this campaign proved social responsibility which responded to one of their audience’s biggest concern. LADBible approached the UN to try get a gigantic mass of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean recognised as an official country. If they succeeded, other countries would be obliged to clean it up.

They rallied their audience to help them meet the criteria for becoming a country, which included asking them to register as citizens by signing a petition.

Content for the campaign was drip-fed over a 6-month period and was a huge success. Within 60 days, their message had reached over 250 million people. It empowered LADbible’s younger audience too, and helped raise awareness of an alarming, global issue that’s often overlooked.

As well as having a strong campaign game, it’s fair to say the LADbible team have nailed social media. So what nuggets of advice did they share at CommsCon18 that could help with your next campaign?

  • Everything they do has to pass ‘The Pub Test’, i.e. if you wouldn’t talk about it with your mates in the pub, it’s not interesting enough to share on social.
  • Prompt people to speak about issues - whether in agreeance or not - otherwise you can end up with people talking in separate groups sharing nothing but the same opinions.
  • Stay neutral where possible and let conversations unfold.
  • LADbible reaches 1 billion people per month on Facebook, so don’t rule Facebook out despite recent claims that it’s a ‘dying platform’.
  • Respect different channels, audiences, and their user experiences, even if you just tweak your content between channels. LADbible finds Snapchat is where they talk to Gen Z and Facebook is their broadest platform.
  • Video is a dominant medium for storytelling. It needs to be in your strategy.
  • Data, data, and more data. Analyse it and use it to shape future campaigns.
  • Align your brand values with things that your demographic are passionate about.
  • It’s not about ‘sticking something on social’, it’s about what it means to the community.

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