6 Christmas TV ads that grabbed our attention

6 Christmas TV ads that grabbed our attention

Author: 6 Christmas TV ads that grabbed our attention — Read time: 4 mins

Christmas is just 5 days away. We’re flaunting our festive knits, we’ve eaten too many mince pies to count and our Costas are all Christmassy. All that’s left to say is…

Holidays are coming!

Love it or hate it, the Coca-Cola truck advert signals the start of Christmas for many. For others, it’s the infamous John Lewis Christmas advert that pulls on their heart strings and gets them feeling all festive and warm inside.

But which Christmas adverts do team Strawberry love this year? Here’s a round-up of our 2018 favourites (click the titles to watch!)…

Alice - Google Assistant - Home Alone Again

“First of all, Home Alone is one of the most-loved Christmas films of all time, so Google were always onto a winner with this! This ad cleverley shows how, if the events of Home Alone were to happen nowadays, all the hard work that Kevin puts into fending off ‘The Sticky Bandits’ could’ve been palmed off onto Google Assistant. The film would’ve been a bit rubbish, though!”

Kat - Aldi - Kevin the Carrot

“I quite like Aldi’s parody of Coca Cola. It gets you engaged straight away because at first, you think you’re watching the iconic Coca-Cola truck only to realise it’s Kevin the Carrot driving!”

Sacha - John Lewis - The Boy and The Piano featuring Sir Elton John

“This may have had mixed reviews and been labelled ‘irrelevant’, but I love the sentiment behind the advert: “Some gifts are more than just a gift”. The accompanying product-focused adverts featuring The Rocketman’s hits work well too. Overall, I’d say this campaign will be a success for John Lewis (and undoubtedly, Elton too, on top of his alleged £5 million fee!).”

Christian - KFC - Chicken’s Here To Stay

“I think it’s difficult to link KFC to Christmas, so the fact that they have managed this with a funny end result is impressive and the production value seems spot-on as well. Also, it references the classic Western film ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’ with its standoff scene and music, which makes the whole thing seems like an epic… but with poultry.”

Eve - Iceland - #NoPalmOilChristmas

“The Christmas advert that got everyone talking! This advert was apparently ‘banned’ from being broadcast for being too political, which enraged the public and attracted millions of views when it was released online (70 million and counting, in fact). The advert wasn’t banned because it highlighted the negative effects of palm oil (as most people thought), it was actually banned because it was originally made by Greenpeace. Whatever the reason, Iceland did pretty well out of it (despite claiming it wasn’t a PR ploy) and brought a really important issue to the Christmas table. Let’s hope it has some lasting impact.”

Chloe - Amazon - Can You Feel It

“These singing, animated boxes really get me in the festive spirit! The Amazon Christmas advert is feel-good, heart warming and attention-grabbing. Exactly what a Christmas advert should be.”

Liam - Sainsbury’s - The Big Night

“Sainsbury’s festive offering features unlikely hero, ‘plug boy’, who became an internet sensation after he launches himself into a socket to turn on the Christmas lights. Not everyone was amused by this though, as 35 people have complained to the ASA that this may encourage children to play with plugs. Sigh.”

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