Blog - Roland Mouret pairs with Shopify Plus

Roland Mouret pairs with Shopify Plus

Author: Alice Jones — Read time: 3 mins

London and New York-based women’s fashion house, Roland Mouret, chose us to upgrade their eCommerce store. On the outside, it’s simple and refined. Inside, it’s all about the details…

Getting to know each other

We don’t do the old agency trick of having a square foot of carpet in London with a PO Box. But when we do need to work there, there’s some office space on St. James’s Square we use. We first met Team RM here, where we pitched our answers to their problems.

Given the scale and timeframe of the project, and the fact it was the first time we’d worked together, getting on with each other was crucial. We needn’t have worried.

Our client may have been Roland Mouret London, Roland Mouret New York, Roland Mouret as worn by Blake Lively, Michelle Obama and Angelina Jolie… But, day to day, it was about working well with everyday people: art directors, designers and brand managers. In this case, Josh, Liz, Pranav, Charlie and Michelle.

Doing more with less

The website is a lesson in minimalism. Having the discipline to pare back on the design, and allow Roland’s collections to take centre stage. That meant sweating the small stuff:

  • 3-colour monochrome palette of black, white and grey
  • Full-length product shots
  • Classic Courier typeface, used sparingly whenever Roland himself is ‘speaking’

Choices that were carefully planned, meticulously made, and confidently justified—much like Roland Mouret’s clothing. But, despite the site’s sharp, pared-down exterior, there’s a lot going on underneath…

The iceberg effect

Behind the scenes, one of the major challenges was stock integration and internationalisation.

Roland Mouret has around 2,000 products across three Shopify Plus stores: UK, US and EU. As well as importing each product, and managing the currency exchange, there was the taxman to think of. Each site had different requirements for customers paying the right taxes when they order, depending on their country and delivery address. Managing VAT files for the UK store was a job on its own.

On their old site, when orders were exported, Roland couldn’t track how much customers paid for shipping or duties. Now their in-house team and their customers can track every detail of every order. Then, when the order is dispatched, the customer gets a branded Roland Mouret email from Shopify (instead of their old standard DHL one) with a link to track their package.

Same rules apply

The project ran for 9 weeks but despite the short timeframe, the same rules applied.

We still went through the same processes—just at a faster rate. We had the same creative and technical debates—just earlier in the morning and later at night. And we had the usual celebratory beer at the end of the project—we just drank it quicker.