What’s a Google Partner?

What’s a Google Partner?

Author: Dominic Lidgett — Read time: 2 mins

Well, to put it simply, we are.

The Google Partner badge is awarded to marketing agencies that have proven their skill, ability and knowledge when it comes to Google advertising. It’s basically a nod from Google to show they trust we know what we’re talking about when it comes to using, and getting the most from their advertising platform.

We’ve been a proud Google Partner for years, and deliver a variety of successful online advertising campaigns for our clients including search, mobile, video, display and shopping.

How do you become a Google Partner?

You can’t buy it, you have to earn it.

And to do that, our team members have to demonstrate their expertise by passing annual assessments and gaining certification through the Google Academy for ads.

There’s other criteria, too. As an agency, we must demonstrate we meet minimum spend requirements, have delivered client revenue growth and also sustained and expanded our client base.

Why do we invest our time in this?

Because if we do something, we do it right.

And to do that, we have to stay up-to-date with industry developments and constantly challenge our abilities.

Aside from ensuring our team is on top of their online advertising game, there are other advantages, too. We have a direct line to Google to help us with pitches and our clients’ strategy, easy access to adwords features and ongoing support with training.

As a Shopify Plus partner, this knowledge is invaluable when designing and building eCommerce websites that will attract lots of traffic and convert.

So, not only do we benefit as an agency, our clients’ bottom lines do too.

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