Yotpo. Turning every purchase into a review.

Yotpo. Turning every purchase into a review.

Author: Dominic Lidgett — Read time: 2 mins

Consumers rely on user-generated content more than ever before when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Reviews, ratings and Q&As all provide convincing social proof that a product or service is trustworthy, of desired quality and value for money.

We use Yotpo to easily collate this content so our clients can leverage reviews and ultimately increase conversion rates. Yotpo integrates with Shopify Plus to enhance the shopper’s experience with the following features:

Reviews and ratings

These can be obtained via automated review request emails, on-site with customisable widgets, questions on product pages and coupons to incentivise past shoppers.

Visual marketing

The holy grail of user-generated content!

Yotpo allows customer photos to be combined with reviews to enrich the consumer experience on-site. Galleries of customer photos can be placed on the home page, product page and checkout page to showcase items and help convert sales.

Loyalty and rewards

Yotpo allows retailers to create customised loyalty programmes to engage existing customers and help create new ones. From capturing new emails to rewarding customers for leaving reviews, there are some interesting options to choose from to suit your brand.

Our clients have achieved great results using Yotpo to capture user-generated content. If you aren’t already presenting your customers with social proof, you should be… they’ll be looking for it!

Get in touch and we’ll show you how easy it is to enhance your shoppers’ experience whilst attracting more sales using Yotpo.

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