Mailchimp: Helping small businesses grow into big ones

Mailchimp: Helping small businesses grow into big ones

Author: Dominic Lidgett — Read time: 2 mins

If you didn’t know already, Mailchimp is a marketing platform that allows businesses to create, manage and analyse both email and online advertising campaigns. It’s primarily targeted at smaller businesses, but is designed to help them grow by keeping audiences engaged and connected at all times.

Why do agencies use it?

It’s great for agencies, as it allows us to manage different campaigns and collaborate on projects in one central place. It integrates with loads of apps and other platforms, such as Shopify, which is great for creating targeted campaigns for our eCommerce clients.

We use it every day to collect data for our clients, build clickable marketing emails, create converting landing pages, set up smart automations, manage sophisticated advertising campaigns and much, much more.

In fact, we’ve used it that much we’ve become a Mailchimp Agency Partner, which basically means we know our stuff when it comes to email marketing.

Why become a Mailchimp Agency Partner?

Not everyone can become a partner, so it’s nice to know we’re doing all the right things for our clients when it comes to email marketing. You have to show Mailchimp you’ve achieved success for clients using their platform, demonstrate specialist email marketing expertise and have worked with at least five different clients on Mailchimp campaigns in the past year.

We ticked all the boxes and are now enjoying some great benefits. We get 24/7 priority support including live chat assistance should we need to ask any questions. We also get early access to loads of exclusive educational resources to help us make our clients’ campaigns as effective as possible, and jump on new features before anyone else.

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