New starter alert! Say hello to Sara-Jane Jackson

New starter alert! Say hello to Sara-Jane Jackson

Author: Alice MacLaverty — Read time: 2 mins

Tell us a bit about your background.

Ahhh, I absolutely hate talking about myself!

Here goes: Hull born and bred, grew up in the depths of east Hull, now live in west Hull with my young family 😍. I’m a feminist-in-progress and practicing as a Vegan, but default to Vegetarian when cake and/or pizza is around!

After coming home from working in Disney World for a year in 2008 (yes, it was awesome), I worked in contract management in the education sector. In 2012, I was made redundant from my role, and my husband (who’d recently started freelancing as a web designer), persuaded me to join him in building a new web design agency.

Fast forward 6 years, we’d had 2 kids, trained 4 apprentices, merged with a marketing agency and employed 8 members of staff. Owning our own business was starting to take its toll though, and we felt it was time for a new challenge. I’d always loved working with clients, particularly on the eCommerce side and managing those kind of projects, so it seemed like the right path to focus on.

What are your first impressions of Strawberry?

I love it. Everyone is friendly and welcoming with such a positive can-do attitude. My view from the office is pretty cool too.

What drew you to your job / this industry?

I buy virtually everything online and I’m one big organising multi-tasker, so this role suits me perfectly.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

In 2017, I cycled London to Amsterdam - 400 miles over 4 days, for JDRF - a type 1 diabetes charity. I’ve not actually ridden a bike since!

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