Personalising the customer journey with Nosto

Personalising the customer journey with Nosto

Author: Liam Quinn — Read time: 2 mins

Did you know, you can personalise the content customers see when landing on your website, based on their previous behaviours?

Nosto, which claims to be the world’s leading personalisation platform for digital commerce and retail, makes this possible. It analyses consumers’ omni-channel behaviours and transactions to offer real-time recommendations and personalised content across all consumer touch points.

Why do we use it?

Modern marketing has to be smart marketing. Gone are the days when a mass email or generic social media content would satisfy your audiences. Now, consumers want personalised content that’s relevant to them, right now.

Nosto helps to build an understanding of your customers by analysing their unique buying behaviours. When a customer is logged in to your website, Nosto helps to present them with brands or products that they’re likely to be interested in, to make their shopping journey more special.

For example, it will display tailored homepage banners, recommended products and social content based upon that particular customer’s profile.

It’s clever, it’s targeted and it delivers results.

How does it benefit retailers?

Aside from enriching the customer’s on-site experience, Nosto claims to help achieve the following:

Happier customers who spend more. This makes sense, as they’re presented with content that’s specifically tailored to them.

Average increase in revenue between 10-30%. If customers can find exactly what they’re looking for without having to do much work, there’s more chance of them converting!

Why do we partner with Nosto?

We’re part of the Nosto partner programme because we believe this platform genuinely adds value to what we do. It integrates perfectly with Shopify Plus and complements the hard work we put into tailoring automated email and online advertising content for our clients.

AI may still be in its infancy when it comes to marketing, but Nosto is a great example of what it can achieve.

Would you like to personalise your customers’ journey? Get in touch.

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