Blog - Brightpearl: the cloud-based back-office solution

Brightpearl: the cloud-based back-office solution

Author: Katherine Owen — Read time: 3 mins

If you’re an online retailer, you’ll understand the frustration of spending the majority of your time on back end tasks rather than revenue generating activities that could help you to grow your business.

As consumers expect more and more from retailers, such as flexible payment and deliveries, free and easy returns and simple communications, managing the back end of your business can be an overwhelming task.

Whilst focusing your time on looking after existing customers is essential for the success of any business (considering it can cost up to 7 times more to acquire new ones!), there are several processes that can be automated to save you time, money and effort.

This doesn’t mean the customer experience is impacted negatively. In fact, automation can actually help to improve the customer journey. It can streamline your operations so they run seamlessly beyond the buy button and free up your time to deliver the high quality service your customers expect.

After all, getting that post-purchase experience wrong can be costly, and you only get one chance to impress!

We’ve partnered with Brightpearl to help our clients do just that.

What does Brightpearl do?

Brightpearl automates the back end of a retail business and brings together all of its sales channels such as Shopify, Amazon and Ebay into one place. It handles orders, inventory, POS, financials and CRM and is suitable for all types of businesses including wholesalers, online retailers, brick-and-mortar stores and hybrid businesses.

Why did we choose to work with them?

We trust Brightpearl because it’s designed to help retail and wholesale businesses grow by offering a true end-to-end solution without the need for any complex integrations.

As experts in retail activation, we regularly work with multichannel retailers both online and offline, and this software helps to save valuable time and hassle when it comes to keeping track of stock, pulling reports and reducing resources spent on inventory management. It allows us to focus on generating revenue for our clients whilst reducing their back office processing costs by up to 50%.

How do we benefit as a partner?

As a Brightpearl partner, we receive first-hand details of new features, have access to the Brightpearl community of product specialists and certification and training for our team.

The software allows us to focus more on the end user consumer experience rather than back end systems, and meets the varied needs of our clients, however their business in configured.

Brightpearl delivers great results for our clients, and could for you, too. Get in touch and we’ll explain how!