Blog - Gorgias: Our new customer support partner

Gorgias: Our new customer support partner

Author: Liam Quinn — Read time: 3 mins

Messenger, chat, email, social media…your interactions with customers and dealing with their requests can sometimes be an overwhelming task.

As a consumer, we want to be able to communicate with retailers via the channel that’s easiest for us. But as a retailer, managing multiple channels at once can be an endless task.

To help our clients solve this headache, we’ve partnered with customer support helpdesk, Gorgias.

Why Gorgias?

For a start, Gorgias is specifically designed for Shopify stores, making it a great fit for our clients.

It also integrates with over 20 apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Slack and Aircall, that can all be managed via the Gorgias helpdesk, making internal and external communication a breeze, as well as other day-to-day eCommerce tasks.

Provide flawless customer service

We live in an age where a negative customer experience can literally go viral, so it’s essential your customer interactions are on point.

Gorgias allows you to manage all of your support channels in one place, including social media and advert comments, so you never miss a thing. You can build up a full customer picture using the Gorgias helpdesk, keeping order data and conversation history together in one place that can be accessed by your team at any time.

To make life even easier, you can use Gorgias to edit orders and action refunds too!

Work smarter, not harder

It’s estimated that up to 60% of eCommerce support requests are repetitive. Gorgias allows you to set up autoresponders to deal with common questions such as “Where is my order?” and “Can I exchange?”, freeing up your time to provide quality customer support.

You can even create message templates that automatically pull in customer information, such as order details and tracking numbers. These personal touches will all leave your customers feeling happy and valued.

Drive revenue

As well as enabling you to communicate effectively with existing customers, the Gorgias platform allows you to strike up a conversation with your website’s visitors via live chat conversations. This is a great tool to help drive extra sales.

Our partner perks

As a Gorgias partner, we have access to exclusive training, best practices, priority feature requests and specialist marketing events.

If you’d like to transform your customer support function from time-consuming to profit-generating, get in touch to find out how Gorgias can help.