Shopify Unite 2019: as it happened

Shopify Unite 2019: as it happened

Author: James Greenwood — Read time: 5 mins

Dom and Pete took their seats in Toronto; the rest of us Strawberries gathered in the Black Room this afternoon, live blogging our thoughts on Shopify Unite 2019. Here’s what went down…

Counting down the seconds…

All eyes on the screen, we eagerly awaited Shopify taking the stage. Liam was so excited, he even did a little dance.

OK, Liam. Maybe sit down.

And we’re off!

Eek, it’s product announcement time…

Content gets clever

Let’s talk checkout

Internationalisation – did Shopify see our wishlist? 👀

From online to off

Shipping gets deep

Order editing: hurrah!

“And I know what you’re thinking – about fucking time!”. Well, Lynsey. You said it…

Plus, in particular…

Well, our web team sure look happy!

A focus on Fulfillment

And to end the show, Tobi took to the stage…

Now, time for a coffee and to chat through this again. The biggie? Has to be the new Shopify Plus. We hope you enjoyed the read!

Shopify announced some great new features at Shopify Unite, including Shopify Flow being global in the new Shopify Plus. Here’s how you can use Flow to automate your eCommerce store.