The whole package (quite literally)

The whole package (quite literally)

Author: Mark Parling — Read time: 4 mins

When it comes to eCommerce product packaging, gone are the days when a simple brown box will do. In fact, the packaging a product arrives in can often be just as important to the consumer as what’s inside.

Why? Customers have grown to expect more from brands. Yes, they want their products to arrive safe and sound, but they also want their unboxing experience to be memorable. They want to be delighted. They want to be engaged. They want to be excited.

And if they are, they may even share it on social media.

As an online retailer, you go to so much effort to impress your customers and set yourself apart from competitors. High-quality photography and videos. Creative product descriptions. Personalised content. Great email communication. The list is endless. So why should that amazing brand experience end once your customer has received their delivery?

We all know it’s more cost-effective to retain existing customers than find new ones, so why not make your packaging work harder, smarter and encourage repeat custom by delivering that all-important wow-factor?

Here at Strawberry we provide the whole package. As well as being experts in eCommerce, our creatives are specialists in retail packaging design, too. Here are their top tips for delivering a memorable unboxing experience for your customers:

Communicate brand values

Effective brand communication is all about telling stories. And your packaging is no exception. It provides a great opportunity to reinforce your values and key messages.

Use only 100% recyclable materials? Are your products award-winning? Do you have industry accreditations?

As your customer opens their delivery, they’re a captive audience. Make the most of this - plain packaging is simply a wasted opportunity.

Don’t forget that packaging should also adhere to your brand guidelines whenever possible. Think font, colours, icons and other visual cues that make you, you.

Know your customer

If you know your customer is always on the lookout for their next Instagrammable moment, give them one.

But if they value function over fuss, you should take a different approach.

In short, spend your packaging budget wisely and ensure it exceeds your customer’s expectations, always.

Be creative

By creating a great unboxing experience, you’re effectively increasing your interaction time with your customer.

Make it interesting and exciting by including fun messages along the way. “Open me!”, “Nearly there…” etc. You could even feature messages asking your customers to share their purchases on social media or take pictures of their unboxing.

The opportunity for creativity doesn’t end there. Tissue, fillers and hand-written notes can all be used to create a fun, memorable experience.


You want your customers to share their unboxing experience on social media because they’re delighted by it, not disappointed by the use of unnecessary, non-recyclable materials.

Ensure the materials you use are eco-friendly and only use what’s necessary to get your package delivered in one piece. Think smaller boxes, simplicity and zero waste. Also, avoid plastic whenever possible.

You could go one step further by making your packaging reusable. Why not pad your products with a tote bag instead of bubble wrap? Or make your box reusable as a bag or product storage (Birchbox do this pretty well).

Encourage further interaction

Including printed collateral with your product deliveries can help to cut through the clutter and engage your customers further.

Incentivise repeat purchases by popping a voucher code card in the parcel, or a product catalogue.

Encourage product trial with samples where relevant, or help your customers to get to know you a little better by including a printed version of your latest newsletter.

So that wraps up our thoughts on your brand’s unboxing experience. Here’s our advice on helping you nail your brand’s tone of voice.