The best apps for onsite automation and personalisation

The best apps for onsite automation and personalisation

Author: Katherine Owen — Read time: 3 mins

Customers don’t just want great products, at a great price, with flexible delivery options.

They want to engage with a brand they trust and believe in. They want to easily find products that are relevant to them, and before they buy, they want to see some social proof from peers and influencers to make sure they’re making the right decision. And once they’ve received their purchase, they want to feel valued and part of a community.

And whilst you’re meeting these demands, your online store has to look perfect, be optimised for SEO and provide the smoothest customer experience possible.

Can you handle all of that?

If not, this is where automation comes in.

Here are a few of the great apps we use to help our clients deliver a personalised customer journey, and also some that help to automate those all-important, yet time consuming onsite tasks, such as putting campaigns live:


We’ve blogged about our partner Yotpo here, but in a nutshell, this is a platform that helps you to collate user-generated content such as reviews, ratings and visual marketing. It can also help you to create customised loyalty programmes.


Launchpad allows you to automate and schedule events such as a sales campaign, product release or flash sale to drive conversion and create a smooth customer experience. It can help with tasks such as launching new homepage content at a scheduled time, meaning you can focus on other tasks (or sleep, if the campaign launches as midnight!).


Nosto tailors the content your customers see based on their previous behaviour and order history. It allows you to present them with relevant product recommendations, personalised emails and social media adverts to help increase revenue. Read more about our partner, Nosto, here.

Smart SEO

Smart SEO reduces the amount of time you need to spend SEO optimising your website. It automatically creates meta and alt tags, generates metadata to boost your organic traffic and supplies Google with data in JSON-LD format to improve your rankings in search results.

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