The top 5 apps for marketing automation

The top 5 apps for marketing automation

Author: Chloe Tong — Read time: 3 mins

eCommerce automation is a hot topic right now, especially when it can save you valuable time and money by automating time-intensive, repetitive tasks.

But, what about the time you spend on marketing? Surely only a human can help in this department?

To a certain extent, yes. Effective marketing requires planning, analysis, an understanding of your target market and creative ideas to help you accomplish goals. And we’ve not come across an app that does all that (well, not yet anyway).

However, there are a few nifty apps out there that can help you with more time intensive email, social media and advertising tasks, especially if your team and budgets are small.

See our top 5:


Kit describes itself as a ‘digital marketing expert’ and works with simple text commands to help you grow your Shopify store. It handles social media advertising, email marketing and even helps you to set and accomplish goals such as ‘increase sales by 10% this month.’


Bronto is an email marketing tool that integrates seamlessly with most eCommerce platforms. Using it, you can create and send marketing emails, personalise your communication and analyse results. You can set up automations such as abandoned cart emails and personal recommendations to drive more revenue.


Klaviyo helps you to drive sales with targeted, relevant email, Facebook and Instagram marketing. It has a powerful segmentation tool that pulls in data from your eCommerce platform or point of sale system, and reports on revenue generated rather than just clicks, so you can put a monetary value on your efforts.


Lotus helps to automate some of your Facebook and Twitter work by automatically posting about new products when they’re added to your website. You receive weekly notifications so you know how your posts are performing, leaving you more time to focus on more creative, engaging and community focused social media campaigns.

Retarget App

You know those adverts for items you’ve viewed online that follow you around on Facebook and Instagram, constantly tempting you to purchase? Well, Retarget App manages those for you. Simply set up your campaign and the app does the rest. It automatically adjusts your daily budget, audience and bid to ensure your campaign is as cost-effective as possible.

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