Shopify’s latest updates – Kat’s thoughts

Shopify’s latest updates – Kat’s thoughts

Author: Katherine Owen — Read time: 4 mins

Shopify’s announced some great, new features recently. But, what does that mean for us – and more importantly – our clients?

Here, we’ve rounded up the newest Shopify announcements alongside some wise words from Kat, Digital Project Manager.

Update #1: Announcing Shopify Chat

Shopify says: “Shopify Chat is available to all online store visitors. Customers browsing your store can click a button to start a chat with you in the browser window.”

Kat says: “Live chat is one of the best ways for your customers to get their questions answered quickly. Having to email or call customer services delays the customer completing their purchase, giving them time to shop around and potentially order elsewhere.

It’s unlikely that you’ll have a member of the team available 24/7 to manage live chat, so it’s good practice for your store to have an FAQs section, which is kept up-to-date with the most commonly asked questions so your customers can find answers at all hours.”

Update #2: Online stores automatically serve WebP images

Shopify says: “WebP is a modern image format that provides superior compression for images on the web, saving on average over 30% in file size over traditional file formats like PNG and JPEG. Smaller images means faster download times and less network bandwidth usage, which both contribute to online store pages appearing to customers noticeably faster!”

Kat says: “Website speed is crucial and images are typically the biggest contributor to a ‘heavy’ page, so this announcement was music to our ears.”

Update #3: Shopify Scripts character limit has increased

Shopify says: “The character limit for Shopify Scripts has been increased to 24,576 (from 16,384). Now Shopify Plus merchants have the flexibility and space they need to build more complex line item, shipping, and payment customisations at checkout.”

Kat says: “Shopify Scripts facilitates bespoke promotions which wouldn’t be possible otherwise. We find ourselves writing more complex (and subsequently longer!) Scripts for our clients, so the increase in character limit is excellent news.

Scripts is not just for promotions; it can be used to optimise the checkout experience for your customers, from offering pickup if they live local to a store, to calculating VAT and courier fees so the customer doesn’t get an unexpected bill with their parcel.”

Update #4: Use discounts and gift cards with Shopify Pay

Shopify says: “When your customers use Shopify Pay, they can now input discount codes and gift cards from the order confirmation step.”

Kat says: “Shopify Pay makes checking out faster and easier for customers. Once a customer has opted in to Shopify Pay on a Shopify store, they can use the same shipping, billing and credit card information across any Shopify store with Shopify Pay enabled. All the customer needs at checkout is their mobile number; Shopify will then send an SMS with an authorisation code to enter on the checkout page.”

Update #5: Filter products by collection

Shopify says: “Now you can filter the list of products in the admin by ‘collection’. This will allow you to apply bulk edits to speed up merchandising time and get you selling faster.”

Kat says: “I’ve been waiting for this! It sounds like a minor update, but being able to find products by collection will be a real timesaver.”

So, there you have it. We’ll keep you posted on any new Shopify features as and when they happen. In the meantime, check out all of the new product announcements from Shopify Unite here.