Q&A with our Computer Science Interns

Q&A with our Computer Science Interns

Author: Alice MacLaverty — Read time: 6 mins

This summer, our digi department took in 2 interns – Computer Science students, Elle and Kurtis. The pair got their teeth into all sorts of digital work. And recently, we caught up, to see how they found their 12 weeks at Strawb. Have a read…

Firstly, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Elle: I’m 20 years old and originally from Nottingham. I’m studying Computer Science at the University of Hull.

Kurtis: I was born in Chichester, though my parents soon moved up to Lincoln (Army brat, you see!). I’m studying Computer Science at Hull, too.

I’ve a few different interests which keep me on my feet. From luxury fountain pens to expensive keyboards, I’m intrigued by all sorts – other than things that actually involve me being on my feet…

So, what drew you to Strawberry?

Elle: I was first introduced to Strawberry through my University Careers Advisor. Keen to get some experience at one of the North’s leading digital agencies, I had to get in touch! At the time, I was studying Web Development, so the value of getting hands-on experience with Strawberry was clear.

Kurtis: My interest in web technologies, essentially. Strawberry’s at the forefront of web design and development – and has the reputation to back it up. I knew it’d be the perfect place to hone my web dev skills.

What were you hoping to learn with us?

Elle: What it was like to work in a digital team. I wanted to see what the day-to-day was like in Web Development and – most importantly – gain some industry knowledge of the sorts of practices and technologies in current use.

Kurtis: Mainly, I hoped to learn more about web technologies – like Liquid and Javascript. You know, seeing things my course teaches, in practice. Also, skills that would better me as a professional and as a person.

Be honest – tell us your first impressions!

Elle: Better than I could have imagined! Everyone was super nice and welcoming. I really enjoyed being able to learn whilst working on real projects.

Kurtis: Friendly, inviting and strong work ethic.

What’s the most important thing you learned?

Elle: To have confidence in my own ability. I may not have completed my degree yet, but I do know what I’m doing.

Kurtis: GIT! Hands down, probably one of the most useful skills I’ve taken away.

Which was your favourite project?

Elle: I absolutely loved working on Barry M. I love all things make-up, so was over the moon to be able to work on a website for a make-up brand.

Kurtis: Although I whined about it at the time (so I imagine this will surprise Chloe!), I’ve got to say Rio Health. It really challenged me. Elle and I were tasked with creating a script to help with some of the solutions – a really thorough learning exercise.

How did Strawberry help to increase your knowledge of the industry/job role?

Elle: I learned so much just from watching what was going on day-to-day in the business. But also, talking to the other developers and taking in their different tips and tricks – I learned a lot that can’t be taught in a university lecture.

Kurtis: Working at Strawberry allowed me to properly experience it. What the average day’s like, what tools are used in the industry, you know. From this, I could really understand what goes on in a digital company.

So, how did you find working on Shopify websites?

Elle: Interesting! Using Shopify was something I’d never done until my internship. It was challenging, at some points, but exposed me to a tool that’s used and highly regarded in our industry.

Kurtis: Very interesting. it was challenging, but fun – and interesting to learn how Shopify works and how Liquid does (the language used with Shopify). I have some experience with Liquid but Shopify takes it to the next level.

Being in a full-service agency, did you learn anything outside of your study area?

Elle: Absolutely! It made me appreciate a fair bit about the design processes that go into creating websites, like curating style guides and mock-up web designs. It also gave me an insight into how projects are managed.

Kurtis: Oh, 100%. My study area only really focuses on programs instead of the web, and here I learned a lot about Shopify, eCommerce, design and much more.

What do you know about the industry now that you didn’t know before?

Elle: I know just how quickly things are changing in our industry, and also the effect this has on businesses.

Kurtis: The process of getting a project signed to the completed product, there’s so many steps in-between that I never knew about.

Has your time with Strawberry shaped the direction you want to move in after your degree?

Elle: With me going into final year, I’ve still got a lot to think about when it comes to where I want to take my career. Though this internship has definitely helped me think about what kind of role I want to go into.

Kurtis: It helped cement my plan after graduating for sure. It’s given me the real-world experience that’s vital for a Computer Science career.

What’s your most memorable Strawberry moment?

Elle: Aside from the day we had Joey, our fury, four-legged friend in the office, my most memorable Strawberry moment has got to be when I received my second year results. Everyone in the office was so full of praise – although I was new, I felt a strong sense of support and kindness from the team.

Kurtis: There were so many memorable moments! Though it’s got to be something food related – and there were so many moments spent stuffing our faces!

Think you might like to give internship a go? Drop us a line at talktous@strawberry.co.uk and show us what you’ve got!