Preparing your eCommerce store for Black Friday

Preparing your eCommerce store for Black Friday

Author: Liam Quinn — Read time: 4 mins

So, the big day is just a few weeks away. Are you all prepared?

No, we’re not talking about Christmas Day!

We’re talking about the biggest day of the year in the world of eCommerce…

Black Friday.

Whilst your online store won’t physically experience the craziness of shoppers climbing over each other to grab a bargain, you’ll most certainly have to cope with an influx of traffic to your website.

Especially if you’ve come up with some killer deals your customers will love!

We’re sure this day has been on your radar for a while, but to help make this busy time a bit less stressful (and allow you to capitalise on all of that lovely extra traffic), we’ve shared some top tips to help you prepare for the big day…

Page weight and load times

These need to be tip-top if they aren’t already.

Every millisecond counts when it comes to conversion, especially if you have lots of potential customers trying to load your amazing deals!

Make sure your site is loading as fast as possible by trimming any fat. This includes optimising images (there are some great online image compression tools for this such as TinyPNG), reducing any unnecessary web fonts and removing any resources from your website you no longer use.

Keep your site as lean as possible - even marginal improvements could provide significant returns, especially when you think of how many people will be using your website on a mobile device limited by bandwidth constraints!

Server setup

Black Friday could very well be the busiest day of the year for your website, and you’ll hopefully see a big spike in traffic as your customers try to grab a bargain. If your store isn’t on a hosted platform such as Shopify, you should make sure your infrastructure isn’t going to let you down.

Use some testing software to mimic lots of traffic, so you know your website can cope and you’re confident in its stability.

After all, it would be unbelievably frustrating to put lots of hard work and budget into a Black Friday marketing campaign for it to all fall down when the traffic starts coming to your website.

Dress for the occasion

As a consumer, it’s so frustrating to find a product you’re interested in, then click through to the product page and find just one, bad-quality image.

You should ensure your product pages are dressed with multiple, high-quality product images to showcase your stock. You should also pepper your website with aspirational lifestyle images and videos to entice the consumer and encourage brand buy-in.

Make sure your website features content banners referring to Black Friday too, clearly stating which deals are available. If customers have to use a voucher code, try to make it visible on all pages to give you as much chance as possible of converting.

And remember the golden rule - if you’re uploading images to your website, optimise, optimise, optimise to help those page load speeds!

Get ready now

Don’t worry, there’s still time to nail your Black Friday campaign and make sure your website is up to the task.

Once you’ve ticked the above points off your to-do list, the only job left is to start teasing your deals on social media and via email to start building up the excitement!

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