This is who does branding and marketing for Fruit Market

One of your 5-a-day

Fruit Market is an £80m urban regeneration project in a one-of-a-kind part of the city, just in time for Hull 2017 UK City of Culture. Wykeland Beal tasked us to create the new branding and a full marketing campaign that would celebrate the area’s heritage and character, and promote the area to potential commercial investors, businesses and future residents.

We wanted to unearth the Fruit Market’s rich history, and reflect the artistic spirit and can-do attitude of the locals, the area and Hull as a whole. We wanted to show people that this small, humble place has huge potential.

A big part of the campaign was guerilla marketing. We wanted to bring the brand to life and make statements with visual markers and branding identifiers. Posters, stickers, murals and commissioning a spray team to paint the new branding on walls, buildings and hoardings, echoed this cultural quarter's do-it-yourself attitude.

We used colour with confidence to form a striking, provocative and modern palette. We also developed a clean, simple, modern style using a block stencil typeface complemented by a subtle sans serif typeface. This helped set the style for the new, lively interpretation of what came before.

We brought the brand online with a marketing website with a directory for all the latest events and local business listings. It also serves to capture residential and commercial investment enquiries.

We also designed a pop-up shop at Hull’s Freedom Festival that helped generate lots of residential sales leads.