Beautiful jewellery straight to your door

Beautiful jewellery straight to your door

We needed the online store to do many things - integrate stock and order management, be easy for online users to shop and closely replicate the in-store experience. We used the best tool for job - Shopify Plus.

One of the challenges we overcame was the management of products, orders and stock. These are all handled now by a bespoke Shopify application which handles new products, product updates, stock updates and pushes orders into the Hugh Rice POS system virtually in real-time.

We created a campaign to help drive sales of high-value items of jewellery. A way of applying for finance online was created as well as the addition of a finance calculator to help the customer make their purchasing decision.

Love, devotion, a promise of the future: an engagement ring is the embodiment of commitment. Only the most captivating, most scintillating, most perfect will do. We designed a custom ring builder to ensure this most precious purchase was bespoke to the customer.

Paid Search and PPC forms an important part of the Hugh Rice customer acquisition strategy. Using clever targetting, monthly turnover has doubled. However, equally as important to the overall strategy has been email, content and social channels - all of which combine and continue to drive growth for online sales.

The numbers

  • +146% Online revenue increase
  • OVER £1m sales through online promotions
  • £81k black friday promotion