This is who made a new website for Boxed

Life's too short to eat boring food

BOXED is the perfect meal out, in. A new premium frozen food range made from the highest quality ingredients, and inspired by the best food from around the world. BOXED came to us with the branding, and asked us to bring it to life online. And with that, the challenge: to persuade people to rethink the frozen ready meal, and pitch the brand as a serious contender to restaurant-cooked meals.

The website has to work hard to show customers what BOXED has to offer: premium quality meals, frozen at their freshest, and ready to cook. We developed an easy-to-use site that offered up enough info, and left a big visual impact.

At every opportunity, we give the user a strong sense of BOXED’s branding, packaging and ‘life’s too short to eat boring food’ point of view. This recognition is vital to its success in supermarket aisles.