This is who does branding and marketing for Attiro

Italian craftsmanship meets British innovation

Italian craftsmanship meets British innovation. Attiro is magnetic, real-wood flooring engineered by Kingspan. We was tasked with designing and developing a new identity along with finding the best ways to establish this new product in an ever saturated market.

At the centre of the new brand is the Attiro logotype. Bold, clean and simple, our aim was to design a wordmark that aligned itself with the prestige and sophisticated nature of the brand. We used a customised typeface backed up by the Kingspan brand mark of quality.

From this we developed a simple, clean design style with an emphasis on a irregular type formation and form, always used with confidence, authority and integrity. A reassuring and expert tone of voice brought Attiro to life.

The new website had to do two things: promote the brand and product and give potential contacts a quicker and easier way to register an interest in the product.

We designed a full-screen brochure-style layout showcasing Attiro’s beauty, practicality and versatility.