This is the story of how we generated 570% more sales for an equestrian retailer. R&R Country have been in business for over 20 years’ and they came to us to help grow their eCom business on whilst moving them away from their existing Magento platform.

Hello, Shopify.

With two busy stores and stock, product and order management systems already in place, it was important to ensure Shopify was always up-to-date and that orders flowed back into those existing platforms. Using a custom Shopify application, products and orders flow between Shopify and business tools seamlessly.

With all the business data being transferred securely, quickly and without human intervention, it allowed the team at R&R and the team at Strawberry to focus on big campaigns to help drive sales.

We turned the R&R in-store sale into a digital marketing event supported by big promotional pushes on email, social and PPC. And in just two days, hundreds of extra orders landed.

Social, email and PPC were all used to grab people’s attention, get them to the site, and help turn passers-by into shoppers.