Rio Rosa Mosqueta rosehip oil is the natural alternative to Bio-oil, and helps to fade scars and moisturise skin. Our packaging repositioning for the UK & EU markets was inspired by the spirit of South America and the origins of its key ingredient.

The beauty and skincare market is a tricky one to break into. Like most products that rely on shelf presence, you’re competing with literally hundreds of other brands, all with their hands up shouting “pick me!”

We had many challenges from the outset. We knew we had to design a product range that didn't stray too far from the main Rio brand. But we also needed it to hold its own in this competitive industry.

Our starting point was to create a clean, natural and clinical design style, counterbalanced with a South American feel.

We looked at vibrant patterns and colours inspired by indigenous botanical ingredients and Chilean textiles, and applied them in our thinking.

To support the relaunch, we created a multilingual campaign with a strong emphasis on social content, targeted adverts and in-store PoS.

And with an online micro-site continuing to push traffic to its products, Rio now enjoys a strong market share.