Rio Rosa’s natural approach to skincare hasn’t changed for over 30 years. To this day, they source the same Chilean Andes rosehips the indigenous people of South America have been harvesting for centuries. But to keep growing their sales, they knew they needed more than a good-looking brand website. We showed them Shopify, and they never looked back.

Because their old website wasn’t built for eCommerce, they couldn’t sell direct online. So rather than revitalise what they already had, we started from scratch. Moving them to Shopify as their new platform, Rio Rosa now has both: a beautiful-looking brand website with all the shopping capabilities of eCommerce.

The new website is central to Rio Rosa’s digital marketing. Using Shopify sales channels, we connected their site to Facebook and Instagram to make social media shopping effortly possible.

Users can now shop by commonly searched skin types and conditions, whether they suffer from dry, sensitive or sun-damaged skin, or lines, scars and stretchmarks.

To support the new website, our designers, copywriters and art directors honed Rio’s words, photography and imagery. Just like Rio Rosa’s story, ethics and approach to skincare, their tone and branding is open and honest, warm and welcoming, positive and inspirational.