This is who does branding and marketing for Weldtite

Taking back the lead

Weldtite makes the world’s biggest and best range of bike maintenance products. To reaffirm its position as the bicycle owner’s first choice, Weldtite approached us to revamp its brand, digital marketing and packaging materials.

We wanted to create a lively, authentic photography style that captured how the products were used in their natural surroundings.

Once we had a rich image library of product images to use, we created an extensive range of campaign materials which were exhibited and presented all across the globe. We also created a website that gives product exposure and showcases Weldtite’s pure passion for cycling.

We wanted the new brand style to reflect Weldtite’s position as a heroic, authoritative and tireless supporter of many leading race teams, who use their products with confidence to keep them out in front of the pack.

Weldtite is now the umbrella brand for the many other products it produces.