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We’re Strawberry, a Shopify Plus Agency.
Working with retailers of all shapes and sizes.

Are you considering replatforming from bug-laden Magento or some other platform? Or wondering how to unlock the potential of your online sales?

We've spoken at Shopify events and we've written for Shopify books. And not because they paid us — put simply, we believe that Shopify Plus is the best platform choice for online retail.

These people trust us with their online retail. You should too.

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We need to talk shop.

Whether you're a first-time seller or a long-time sufferer of a bad ecommerce platform, you need to take a look at Shopify Plus. Without the hefty price tag of Magento, Hybris, and Netsuite, it's the world’s most scalable and robust online retail platform.

From multi-channel retail and international sales to automation flows and best-in-class API integrations. Stop wasting time on maintenance, stop wasting money on hosting and switch your focus to innovation and the bottom line.

Replatforming to Shopify Plus?

No doubt you've a huge amount of questions swimming around your brain. "Can I move my data seamlessly? Will it hurt my SEO rankings? My products are uniquely customisable — can Shopify Plus cope with them? And what about... X, Y and Z?".

We get it — this is a decision you have to get right first time. The Strawberry team have managed lots of replatforming projects before and have answers to all of your questions. (We’ve even got answers to the questions you’ve not thought of yet).

Replatforming needn't be a cause for sleepless nights. Let us take the strain and iron out all the issues, however trivial or difficult, and deliver a new retail platform on time and on budget.

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Move on from overly optimistic spreadsheets

"No thanks, I don't want more profit."...said no one in retail. Ever. Our team of in-house marketing experts and specialist partners can help you get the best out of Shopify Plus and clinch more online sales through email, PPC, SEO, basket recovery and remarketing.

Have “bricks and mortar” stores too? We’ve worked with lots of retailers who have the High Street as a channel and we’ve helped them connect their online to off.

We make more than websites.

We make sales happen too.

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A Partner. Not a Provider.

Behind every Shopify Plus project is our positive, creative, enthusiastic team. A team that goes beyond the brief, doesn't fear mistakes and can build client relationships. Straightforward without the 'blah'. In short, a Strawberry.

And whilst we'll become your partners, your retail sounding board and be around with a never-ending supply of great ideas on how to grow sales, we'll also have a smile on our faces. Because doing things with a smile on your face isn't taxable (yet).

We're there when you need us. And if that means 24 hours a day or seven days a week, so be it. Support when you need it, as you need it from a team who cares as much as you do.

Got a question?

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